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Store App is the eCommerce platform for small companies. You can set up an online store in less than 10 minutes and begin selling on social media, marketplaces, and your website or blog page.

Why Did We Build This eCommerce Platform?

Dina Obita, a card processing industry expert, launched Store App. She has worked in the card processing sector for the past 15 years, assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in lowering their rates and fees while also providing them with access to the most up-to-date card processing technology. The sad statistic that concerned her was that 80% of small businesses fail within their first year. This is a statistic she is unwilling to accept!

Dina began seeking answers: “Why is this terrible statistic consistent year after year?” ” How can I support small company owners, so these statistics are lowered?” And what business strategies do successful brands implement & at what cost?

How We Found The Receipt Of eCommerce Success

Dina set up a team of corporate and business strategists, marketing consultants, and software developers. It appeared that Omnichannel sales and marketing were the keys to success. The next step was determining how we could make this receipt for success available to everyone in the simplest way possible.

This very team created an eCommerce platform that incorporated all elements of omnichannel so that you can set up an online store in under ten minutes while being guided through the implementation of the entire strategy to your business.

A Platform to Help Small Business Owners Thrive

Firstly, we created an Omnichannel eCommerce Platform that allows a small business to sell across all channels, including brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce, mobile, social media, marketplaces, and more. Now small businesses too can SELL ANYWHERE, especially where people are most engaged or actively looking for products and services just like theirs.

Secondly, a platform that allows small business owners to provide a seamless experience for their own customers, no matter how or where they are shopping. This means that whether customers are shopping online, in-store, or through our mobile app, they should be able to easily find what they’re looking for and have a consistent experience.

What Store App Helps Small Businesses Achieve

Our design allows businesses to reach more customers, both online and in-store

With our approach, businesses can provide a more seamless and consistent experience for customers, no matter how they are shopping.

Our integrated omnichannel approach can help small businesses to sell more, both online and in-store.

Our system is designed to give your customers a great customer experience, which in turn improves customer loyalty and repeat business.

We are integrated to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Whatsapp, Mailchimp, eBay and digital marketing tools. Utilize all these integrations to reach more people and create more brand awareness.

We have built one of the most innovative and smart inventory management systems to help you sell across multiple channels.

Small business owners wear many hats, therefore, we built an efficient omnichannel platform to make to day-to-day operations much easier and faster.

Store App is a selling machine that allows you to sell and market your products anywhere at seriously affordable costs.

A platform built to give small businesses the ability to be more flexible in their operations.

With Store App’s omnichannel approach, small businesses can gain a competitive edge over others who are not using this approach.






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Our Team of Business Strategists, Advisors, Marketing Consultants, and Software Developers.

Dina Obita

Founder & CEO

Aleksandra Klinska

Head of Content Design

Gareth Paine

Head of Finance

Heath Townson

Not for Profit and Retail

Marion Johnson

Sales Manager

Prem Dave

Liquor and Real estate

Sam Bomoi

Executive Assistant

Our Advisory Board

Christopher Pay

Christopher brings with him over 25 years of leadership experience. This experience was honed from years as a Director and CEO of companies in multiple stages of development. His entrepreneurial and creative skills have allowed him to form and motivate management teams in both Europe and North America. Christopher has been personally involved in raising over $100,000,000 in corporate, public and private capital.

George Kararach

George Kararach is a lead economist at the African Development Bank. He holds a PhD in economics from Leeds University, U.K. He has published on public policy and macro-economic policy reform in developing countries. His recent publications include Macroeconomic policy and Political Limits of Reform Programmes in Developing Countries (ARRF, 2010); Rethinking Development Challenges for Public Policy: Insights from Contemporary Africa (with K. Hanson and T. Shaw, 2012); Development Policy in Africa: Mastering the Future? (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014); Economic Management in a Hyper-inflationary Environment: the Political Economy of Zimbabwe, 1980-2009 (Oxford University Press, 2016); Development in Africa: Refocusing the Lens after the MDGs (Policy Press, 2016).

Mike Brown

With an engineering degree in IT, Michael is a founding partner and President of PurelyRewards inc, the next generation of giving back to the consumer with cashback, travel savings, NFT, Metaverse and much more. Michael has also custom built a resort in Greece to bring value to foreign investors and created a rental program for a great return on their investment. Among many other things, Michael has made strategic partnerships in the world of commodities bringing buyers and sellers together and co-ordinating efforts around the world utilizing his direct connections to exporters, manufacturers, producers and refineries.

Steven Clarke

Stephen Clarke is the Founder & CEO of RTG Group, a Global Group of For-Profit Social Enterprises with a purpose on making a Positive Impact in our World. His Past experience in the Advertising World as both an Executive and Entrepreneur has provided him with his creative and strategic thinking and his new Mission is to create a new model in the GIVING Space that is built on Transparency, Sustainability and Collaboration and brings Purpose and Profit together to create measurable results. He is a Former Professional Hockey Player, Author, Speaker, and passionate advocate for Young Entrepreneurs. He is known his Slogan which he not only believes in but embraces every day “Live Life in 3D…DREAM…DARE…DO!!!”