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There is something great about a recurring business model.

With Store App, you have everything you need to create an online store that sells subscription-based products and/or services.

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Easy Store Management

Add subscription to various products

We have all the tools you need to add curated subscription boxes to any physical product or sell membership subscriptions for your digital products. Create subscription for..


Are you selling socks or designer shirts and jeans? You can now give your customers the option of subscribing for monthly deliveries at a discount.

Food and beverages

Give your customers the option of subscribing to get daily or weekly deliveries of their favorite snacks, groceries, and drinks. Integrate subscription into your Food & Beverage store with Store App’s easy-to-use tools.

Professional Services

Whether you are a yoga couch or an online tutor, Store App has now made it possible to create subscription packages for your clients.

Subscription hampers

Surprise your customers with hampers full of items each week or month. Store App allows you to create subscription hampers for all products, including apparel, groceries, etc.

Easy to use

Advantages of a subscriptions based business model


More sustainable and predictable revenue


Increases lifetime value for your customers


Boosts customer loyalty


Makes it easier to anticipate production needs

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Set up your Store App online store today and start selling products across all channels, including your website, social media, live in-person, and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

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