Fully Hosted eCommerce website by Store App

All our eCommerce packages, including the free plan, come with advanced and secure eCommerce hosting.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS power Store App hosting – the leading IaaS platform in the world. AWS has servers in different regions in the world, so your site will load fast no matter where your shoppers are.

FREE website hosting

Store App online stores owners are not charged for hosting as long as you subscribe to any of our eCommerce packages. No hidden fees!

We take care of all the not-so-fun tasks

Once you create an eCommerce site with Store App, all the dirty work such as updating software and ensuring your site is secure is overseen by us. This will give you more time and peace of mind to focus on our core business.

Expect best-in-class security and FREE SSL certificates

Store App e-commerce solution is 1 PCI DSS certified, which ensures protection for all customers, so you and your customers will not have to worry about security. Every eCommerce site we host also gets a free SSL certificate.


All Store App premium customers get an even better experience since we use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that has more servers across the globe. This network stores images and some of the commonly used data on the site, which significantly improves the loading speeds for web pages since the users will not have to go back to the main server to get the originals.

Build an Omnichannel eCommerce store in less than 10 mins

You can now set up your Store App online store and start selling products across multiple sales channels, including your website, social media, and the various marketplaces.

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We recommend using a website that accepts embedding HTML/JavaScript code. While choosing a hosting service, consider your website’s engine and the other services you intend to run on your site.

Yes, Store App allows users to migrate their WooCommerce stores to Facebook using WooCommerce Store Exporter. After installing WooCommerce Store Exporter, review all instructions to finish the installation process.

The data is stored on AWS servers which are distributed all over the world. AWS will automatically connect your users to a server that is closest to them.

All the data we host are securely stored on our servers. We regularly do backups and software upgrades/updates, and also scan our servers to detect any security vulnerabilities. We also have a team of cybersecurity experts whose role is to ensure our servers are safe at all times.