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The 4 ways to sell on Amazon

Billions of people visit Amazon every month to buy items in various categories, including books, electronics, and more. You can literally buy anything from Amazon. But do you know how to sell on Amazon? Here are the 4 ways to sell on this platform.

Seller Central

It is the most popular platform that most people use to sell on Amazon. A seller central account allows you to set the price for your items and state the inventory level.

Vendor Central

With this platform, Amazon determines the product price and how much inventory you can list on their site. Accessing this platform is by invite.

Kindle Direct Platform (KDP):

It is a platform for writers seeking to sell their eBooks and publications.

Merch BY Amazon

This platform is ideal for influencers, musicians, and artists seeking to promote their customized merchandise.

Amazon’s fees for selling

The price you pay Amazon for selling your goods is decided by the platform you choose. The costs you pay are also influenced by the kind and size of your merchandise.

Vendor Central

Fees on this platform are depending on the Amazon contract you have. If you’re looking for specifics, see your contract, which should outline any and all fees. Shipping, co-op marketing, and chargebacks are among the extra costs you may incur.

Merch and Kindle Direct Platform (KDP)

Royalties will be paid to you on both platforms, as well as any other platform. Click here to view KDP’s current fee structure.

Seller Central

Two variables determine the costs associated with using this platform:

  • There is a commission paid to the person who referred the customer. It depends on the item’s classification and category when determining the referral fee. Amazon’s FBA service does not charge these costs unless you want to send the item yourself.
  • Fees for Amazon’s FBA programme Packing, picking, and shipping costs are taken into account while calculating these prices.

Amazon Prime

With Amazon Prime, not only do consumers have their orders delivered quicker, but they also get access to priority customer assistance. Prime delivery is preferred by the majority of consumers, thus products that provide it are likely to achieve a 300% increase in sales.

Make your products available on Amazon Prime

Seller Central

In order to have your items appear on this platform’s Prime section, you have two options.

  • When you sign up for Amazon’s FBA service, they will send your products to your consumers through Prime.
  • Sellers who have utilised Fulfilled Prime as a seller in the past are immediately eligible for prime. If not, you may put your name on the list to be put on a waiting list when the programme reopens.

Vendor Central, KDP, and Merch

All items sold on these sites are immediately accessible via prime, therefore the seller requires no action.

Is FBA the better option?

Because of the high demand for prime delivery, the FBA programme is still well worth participating in. However, if you are transporting large or expensive items, this service may not be worth it.

Amazon’s rules for selling

Selling on Amazon might have serious consequences if you don’t follow the site’s guidelines. Every seller should be familiar with Amazon’s 14 Guiding Principles. In order to avoid having your account suspended for breaching any of these regulations, it is imperative that you familiarise yourself with them prior to beginning to sell. For more information about selling on Amazon, have a look at the Seller University.

Metrics for the seller

You should continually keep an eye on your metrics in the Seller Central dashboard to check whether sales are progressing as expected or if any modifications are required.

Amazon product listings

Create an account first, and then list your products. You should also study Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to utilise Amazon Ads to boost the exposure of your goods in search results.

Add your store App online store link to your Amazon Seller Page

You may direct part of your Amazon traffic to your website by including a link to it on the seller page. Create your eCommerce website from the ground up using Store App. Store App also provides solutions for syncing your eCommerce site with other sales channels such as Amazon, social networking, and other marketplaces. It is possible to manage all of these platforms from a single dashboard integrated within Store App.

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