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Store App is the #1 eCommerce platform for businesses of all sizes. By using Store App, businesses can sell and market their products or services through many channels quickly and cost-effectively. Let alone, build an online store in less than 10 mins


Omnichannel sales and marketing Strategy

Store App was created with an omnichannel sales and marketing strategy, which is key in today’s business world. With omnichannel sales and marketing, businesses can reach their customers through multiple channels, including social media, marketplaces, and web pages. This way, shoppers have a consistent experience no matter how they prefer to purchase items. Furthermore, by interacting with clients through various platforms such as social media or marketplaces, you can begin to develop long-term relationships.

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Efficient order and inventory management tools

Efficient order and inventory management tools are another element your eCommerce store needs. The right tools can help you track orders, manage stock levels, and satisfy customer requests easily. A streamlined order management process will enable you to keep customers happy while also lowering operational costs. And the correct inventory management tools will save time and money while guaranteeing that clients always have access to the products they need. Store App goes the extra mile by giving you access to Print On Demand services for shipping labels and delivery through our app market


Systems that manage Shipping and Delivery efficiently

Store App can save you time and money with its intelligent shipping features. With Store App, you can connect to multiple carriers, automate your shipment process, track all shipments in one place, optimize delivery routes, and more. This way, not only will your customers receive their products on time – they’ll also be able to track their own deliveries from start to finish.


Digital marketing; SEO, email marketing and paid advertising

Store App has built in SEO tools to optimize your product pages and images. Email marketing tools to help you stay in touch with customers and reach new people. Paid advertising tools so you manage your ad campaigns Facebook and Google.

By utilizing one or more of these tools, you can expand your business clientele effortlessly.

Easy to use

A mobile-friendly design

With more consumers using their phones for shopping every day, mobile friendliness is now a key aspect of successful online selling. Store App’s online stores are already mobile-friendly.


Powerful business insights tools

By utilizing Store App’s analytical tools, you can monitor your sales and understand your client behaviour to make data-driven decisions that will help improve your business. Our innovative and clever solutions will give you the insights you need to enhance your marketing techniques, operations, and overall performance too.


A FREE store management app

The Store App management app provides you with the ability to manage your business from anywhere at any time, right from the palm of your hand. With this FREE app for our customers, you can keep track of your inventory, orders, customers, and more all in one place. By using our store management app, you can streamline your operations and improve your productivity while saving time and money.

Face to Face

Point of Sale machines

Consider how you may make it as easy as possible for your consumers to pay you. If you have a physical location, you will need Point-of-Sale systems that accept a variety of payment options, such as credit & debit cards, and gift cards. Store App’s omnichannel eCommerce platform allows all sales from various channels to be managed in one location: its dashboard.


Customer support tools

Store App lets you connect and build relationships with customers through WhatsApp, Mailchimp, Live chat, and other customer support tools. By providing great customer service, you can make sure your customers are always supported through communication channels that work best for them.

One click selling

Buy Now Buttons

Use Buy Now Buttons to help you sell anywhere online. This makes it easier for customers to purchase with one or a few clicks’ you will see an increase in sales. You can also post a Buy Now Buttons on web pages and social media platforms. The right strategy will help you connect with potential buyers easily.

Repeat Spending


Customers who buy your products on a subscription basis may be rewarded with discounts and exclusive deals. Customers would like to get recurring deliveries of your items using this business strategy. This method allows you to guarantee constant, entrepreneurial, client satisfaction, and loyalty through subscriptions.

Easy Tax

Tax calculation tools

Depending on what you sell, you might need to charge taxes to your clients. By using tax calculation tools, you can make sure that every customer is being charged the right amount of tax. Taxes


100+ card payment solutions

Store App quickly gets you trading by allowing you to easily connect to your payments gateway provider or apply for a new one. You can accept credit and debit cards with confidence- all our payment providers have secure payment gateways and support you with issues related to fraud and chargebacks. Chase Paymentech and WePay are our preferred providers.

With these powerful readily available features, you can start your eCommerce journey today!

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