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With your FREE Store App management app, you can manage orders, deliveries and marketing

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Ship products locally & internationally or allow customers to pick up items

Store App allows you to add multiple payment methods, including PayPal, Square, Stripe, and many more to your Store App Instant eCommerce site.

Add various shipping and pick up options to make it easier for your customers to get the goods they buy from your eCommerce website.

Do not miss any orders

Store App allows you to enable push notifications for all your new orders and any recent updates about the orders made.

You will also get notifications when customers send you DMs making inquiries about any of the products you offer.

Manage your store from the palm of your hand

With the Store Management app, you can now manage all activities on your Store App eCommerce site on the go.

Manage orders, reply to DMs, add tracking numbers, and edit orders, all from one place.

Stock control as and when you need to

You can add products with images taken using your device, update product details, amend the prices, and control stock levels using your Store Management app.

Promote your business

Store App has all the required tools you need to promote your business on various platforms, including Facebook, google, Instagram, and many more.

Digital and cash payments

Make updates to the payments made in cash or using digital payment platforms right from your mobile app.

Sell anywhere and anytime

With the Store Management App, you can manage your store from anywhere at any time.

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