Add WhatsApp eCommerce and Social Channels for an Omnichannel Online Sales Strategy

Start selling on WhatsApp in three steps

Install the WhatsApp Business app and complete your profile.

Create products cards and share them with your contacts.

Encourage your customers to view products in your WhatsApp catalog.

Reasons to sell on WhatsApp

Huge Audience

WhatsApp has over 1.3 billion users that you could turn into potential customers.

Easy to use

WhatsApp is a simple app to use with a couple of features that one can explore in a few minutes.

Share your website link

Use WhatsApp to communicate with potential new business connections and/or send your contact list a link to your Store App online store.

Several ways to promote your products

WhatsApp for business has features such as Catalog and statuses that you can use to share with your contacts the products you sell.

Start selling through WhatsApp

If you can’t figure out how to effectively use WhatsApp for your business, contact us for assistance.

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