Grow your business faster with Google Ads

Take advantage of Store App tools to reach more people through Google Ads.

Store App has tools that will automate most of the processes involved in running Google Ads.

Let your brand shine on all Google Platforms

Advertise your business on all Google products, including Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network to get more traffic and boost sales of your online store.

Why advertise with Google?

Boost your sales

Google Ads have a 6X average Return on Investment

Automate inventory Updates

Store App has tools that allow you to only advertise products that are available in stock

Expand your reach

Google platforms have billions of users, so you can reach a larger audience with Google ads

Track performance

Store App comes with built-in tools to track the performance of your Google Ads

Google’s automated “Smart Shopping” ad campaigns will boost your sales by automatically displaying your ads to the right audience across all Google platforms.

Start an Ad campaign in a few seconds

All you must do is set your budget and Google’s smart shopping technology will take care of the rest.

Target the right shoppers at the right moment

Google will automatically find the best times of the day and the locations to show your ads to shoppers that will most likely buy your products.

Grow your sales without guesswork

Google’s Smart Shopping algorithm will automatically adjust your campaigns to maximize conversions.

Take advantage

of Google’s Fully Automated Advertising Solution


Choose your target audience


Choose the products to advertise


Start the campaign


Monitor your ads performance and sales from your Store App dashboard

Do you need further help getting started with Google Ads?

Getting results from Google Ads is harder than it looks. The Store App GET HELP dashboard will walk you through it all. Here you will find how to create an account, manage your product listings on Google’s Shopping tab, and optimize your Google ads to maximize conversions. Sign up today to Store App.

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