50 Business Ideas to Start on a Limited Budget in 2024

Are you dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur but worried about the financial barriers? The good news is that in today’s digital age, there are countless business opportunities that require minimal upfront investment. In this blog, we will explore 50 business ideas that you can start with less than $100 in 2024. With dedication, creativity, and a modest budget, you can turn your business dreams into reality.

1 – Freelance Writing: Offer your writing skills to businesses in need of blog posts, articles, and content.

2 – Social Media Management: Help small businesses manage their social media presence and grow their online communities.

3 – Handmade Crafts: Create and sell handmade jewellery, candles, or artwork on platforms like Etsy.

4 – Pet Sitting: Provide pet sitting or dog-walking services to pet owners in your area.

5 – Drop shipping: Start an online store and partner with suppliers to ship products directly to customers.

6 – Content Creation: Start a YouTube channel, podcast, or blog and monetize your content through ads and sponsorships.

7 – Mobile Car Wash: Offer convenient car washing services to busy individuals in your community.

8 – Graphic Design: Use your design skills to create logos, graphics, and marketing materials for businesses.

9 – Online Tutoring: Share your expertise in a subject and offer online tutoring sessions.

10 – House Cleaning: Provide residential cleaning services to homeowners or property management companies.

11 – Virtual Assistant: Assist businesses with administrative tasks like scheduling, email management, and data entry.

12 – Babysitting: Offer childcare services to parents in your neighbourhood.

13 – Lawn Care: Start a lawn mowing and maintenance service for homeowners.

14 – Photography: Capture special moments as a photographer for events, portraits, or stock photos.

15 – Affiliate Marketing: Promote products and earn commissions for every sale generated through your affiliate links.

16 – Web Design: Create and design websites for small businesses or individuals with Machinence.

17 – E-book Publishing: Write and self-publish e-books on platforms like Amazon Kindle.

18 – Meal Prep Services: Prepare and deliver meals to busy professionals or seniors.

19 – Event Planning: Plan and coordinate events such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate gatherings.

20 – Language Translation: Offer translation services for documents or online content.

21 – Fitness Coaching: Provide personalized fitness training and nutrition advice.

22 – Resume Writing: Help job seekers create professional resumes and cover letters.

23 – Personal Shopping: Assist clients in finding the perfect clothing or gifts.

24 – Gardening Services: Offer gardening and landscaping services to homeowners.

25 – Virtual Event Hosting: Host virtual workshops, seminars, or entertainment events.

26 – Homemade Baked Goods: Bake and sell homemade cakes, cookies, or bread.

27 – Car Detailing: Clean and detail cars to perfection.

28 – Pet Grooming: Provide grooming services for pets in your area.

29 – YouTube Channel Management: Help content creators manage their YouTube channels, including editing and optimization.

30 – Bicycle Repair: Repair and maintain bicycles for cyclists in your community.

31 – Resume Review Services: Offer resume review and editing services to job seekers.

32 – Social Media Influencer: Build a following on social media and partner with brands for sponsored posts.

33 – Travel Planning: Plan and organize personalized travel itineraries for travellers.

34 – Computer Repair: Fix and troubleshoot computer issues for individuals and small businesses.

35 – Art Classes: Teach art classes or workshops online or in person.

36 – Voiceover Artist: Provide voiceover services for commercials, videos, and animations.

37 – Mobile Notary: Offer notary services to individuals and businesses.

38 – Personal Trainer: Provide one-on-one or group fitness training sessions.

39 – Home Organization: Help clients declutter and organize their homes.

40 – DJ Services: DJ at events, parties, and weddings.

41 – Handyperson Services: Offer basic maintenance person services like repairs and installations.

42 – Carpooling Service: Organize carpooling for commuters in your area.

43 – Mystery Shopping: Get paid to evaluate businesses by posing as a regular customer.

44 – Social Media Advertising: Create and manage social media ad campaigns for businesses.

45 – Translation Services: Translate documents or provide language interpretation.

46 – Virtual Yoga or Fitness Classes: Host online fitness classes for individuals or groups.

47 – Interior Design Consultation: Offer interior design advice and solutions.

48 – Personal Chef: Prepare meals for clients based on their dietary preferences.

49 – Party Planning: Specialize in planning themed parties and events.

50 – T-shirt Printing: Customize and sell printed T-shirts with unique

Starting a business does not always require a substantial upfront investment. With these 50 business ideas, you can launch your entrepreneurial journey with less than $100 in 2024. Remember that success depends on your dedication, hard work, and ability to adapt to market demands. Choose a business.

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