Sending dynamic email notifications

Dynamic email notifications display live content to your customers right in their inbox. You can remind prospects about abandoned carts with interactive product information that mimics your store product page in their inbox, or update your buyers with accurate order status information at every email open.

Dynamic notifications are currently available for order confirmations and abandoned cart reminders and automatically enabled in all stores.

Dynamic content is only available through Gmail processed emails to US merchants on all stores. For other email services, the regular static email notification content is shown.

Dynamic abandoned cart notifications

An abandoned cart recovery notification is an email message sent to a customer who added an item to their cart but left before completing checkout. These emails are personalized and can even be combined with coupon codes to entice your customers to complete their purchases.

With dynamic content, your abandoned cart shoppers can see detailed product descriptions, a swipe carousel with additional product pictures, and zoom product images for a better look, all from the comfort of their inbox.

dynamic content

Once Complete Your Order in the reminder email is clicked, prospects can quickly complete their abandoned purchases to become happy (and paying) customers.

Enable abandoned cart emails in your store’s admin, Settings → Notifications to send reminders manually or easily automate the process to send reminders whenever a cart is abandoned.

You can check out left carts in your store’s admin, My Sales → Abandoned Carts.

Dynamic order confirmation notifications

When you receive new orders and change their payment and fulfillment statuses in your store’s admin, My Sales → Orders, buyers who are using Gmail will see the updated order statuses displayed immediately in Order Confirmation emails in their inboxes.

Your order status information will be updated in real-time:


This means your customers will always see the most current order status — and can even track shipping progress — right from their original Order Confirmation email.

Enable Order confirmation emails in your store’s admin, Settings → Notifications.