25 Reasons to Ditch Traditional Web Developement for AI

AI website builders are redefining the game in the ever-changing world of web development, leaving traditional methods in a hanging balance. AI is making innovative and smart tools accessible to startups and small businesses in an affordable manner.  The AI is not like the dot.com era, its far better; its faster, smarter, and accessible to most.

1-9: The Budget-Savvy Choice for SME’s

AI website builder
AI Building a website

  1. Automated Content: AI generates website content, saving on costly writers.
  2. No Ongoing Fees: Bid farewell to expensive content updates with AI assistants/generative tools.
  3. SEO Made Easy: AI takes care of most of your SEO, eliminating the need for pricey experts.
  4. Design Simplified: Templates and professional designs are at your fingertips.
  5. Graphics: AI embeds images to your website.
  6. Maintenance Minimized: AI website platform handles security, backups, and more.
  7. No Coding Skills Required: Website developers will soon be a thing of a past
  8. Analytics Included: A good AI website builder will have Analytics built in or easily integrated.
  9. Speed and Efficiency: If time is money, then you should have plenty, AI can build a site in less than a minute.

10-19: Where Speed Meets Precision

Machinence AI built website

  1. Instant Digital Presence: AI ensures a swift online presence.
  2. Seamless Integrations: Plug in third-party services, some may come pre-installed.
  3. Rapid Updates: AI-powered website editors allow swift self-edits.
  4. Swift Support: Immediately done with the help of an AI assistant; no one has the time to wait for support.
  5. Troubleshooting Simplified: Resolve issues with AI bots fast.
  6. Self-Sufficient: Rely less on external help.
  7. Stay Current: Allow AI to keep you up to date.
  8. Scalability: Add pages and services effortlessly.
  9. Time-Saving Features: Automated content generation, personalization of recommendations, chatbots and virtual assistants

19-25: AI Magic: Crafting Innovative and Smart User Experiences

19. Chatbot Support: Seamless customer assistance.

20. Great Design: When AI, machine and deep learning data is harnessed; innovation takes stage.

  1. Device Compatibility: Mobile-friendly design is a given.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive.
  3. Interactive Elements: Engaging user experiences.
  4. Smart Data Collection: Gather valuable information effectively through chats, emails and more
  5. Personalization: AI recommends tailored content for users

Where AI Falls Short and Traditional Methods Hold Strong

Traditional website building can have great benefits if you have a sizable budget, and your company needs a highly tailored and distinctive web presence. You can create a website that is specifically dedicated to your vision by employing a developer, compliance, legal, and SEO professionals, as well as a UI/UX designer. This degree of customisation enables complex design elements, unique user experiences, and honed SEO.

It’s important to keep in mind that while traditional website building may offer these benefits, it frequently does so at a substantially higher cost and with a lengthier development schedule.

The cost-effectiveness, speed, and ease of AI website builders continue to be quite alluring for startups and small enterprises on a tight budget, providing a balance between quality and price. The decision between traditional and AI website design ultimately comes down to your individual requirements, financial constraints, and the level of personalization needed for your online presence.

Harnessing the Power of AI in Website Development: Machinence

AI Robot

Machinence was born out of the frustrations of startups and small businesses grappling with web development challenges. Offering AI-powered website creation in just 20 seconds, it delivers SEO-friendly content, curated images, and customizable tools. Machinence’s AI built sites enhance user experiences and optimize functionality, making website development a breeze.

Machinence goes beyond building websites in under 20 seconds, it’s a platform to quick Launch and grow your digital presence fast with AI blog writer, social sharing tool and not only take online payments but will soon allow budding entrepreneurs to build an Omnichannel online store in under 60 seconds and sell anywhere; amazon, Facebook, Google, eBay, WhatsApp and more.

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