100 business ideas to start with little capital

Young woman freelancer work on computer at home sit in armchair typing email to partner colleague. Self-employed businesswoman study online, use laptop research or shopping in ecommerce internet store

1. Sell products or services online

2. Start an e-commerce store

3. Create and sell an online course

4. Sell digital products

5. Sell physical products

6. Sell Consulting or coaching services

7. Create a subscription service

8. Offer freelancing services


9. Become a YouTuber

10. Blogging

11. Podcasting

12. Creating and selling eBooks

13. Create a printable or digital product

14. Build an app

15. Create a WordPress plugin or theme

16. Develop a SaaS product; white label

17. Invest in cryptocurrency

18. Offer demonstration materials or How-to Guides

19. Sell webinars or other training events

20. Manage a Facebook group or forum

21. Creating an Amazon FBA business

22. eBay Arbitrage

23. Drop shipping

24. Create a physical or digital product

25. Offer pet sitting services

Pet Sitting Service Business

26. Offer freelance writing services

27. Offer social media management services

28. Offer virtual assistant services

29. Sell stock photos

30. Provide search engine optimization (SEO) consultation

31. Develop a mobile app

32. Invest in a tech start-up

33. Offer search engine marketing (SEM) consultation

34. Develop a theme or plugin

35. Offer website design or development services

36. Invest in an e-commerce store

37. Offer graphic design services

38. Create an online course

39. Provide expert advice on Quora

40. Offer lead generation services

41. Invest in real estate

42. Sell print-on-demand products

43. Develop a game app

44. Offer web hosting services

45. Manage a Twitter account

46. Invest in penny stocks

47. Run Facebook ads for businesses

48. Offer content marketing services

Content Creator

49. Invest in a drop shipping business

50. Provide market research consultation

51. Offer email marketing services

52. Create a YouTube channel

53. Offer paid online surveys

54. Proofread and edit documents

55. Offer data entry services

56. Manage a Pinterest account

57. Do micro-tasks

58. Sell used books online

59. Provide customer service support

Customer Support Services

60. Offer transcription services

61. Participate in focus groups

62. Provide administrative support

63. Do odd jobs on

64. Manage a LinkedIn account

65. Provide virtual tour guide services

66. Offer event planning services

67. Be a mystery shopper

68. Sell handmade crafts

69. Provide resume writing services

70. Offer bookkeeping services

71. Manage a Tumblr account

72. Participate in online juries or mock trials

73. Offer language translation services

74. Offer data analysis and interpretation services

75. Invest in a food delivery business

Food Delivery Business

76. Provide home improvement services

77. Offer pet grooming services

78. Invest in a laundry business

79. Offer landscaping services

80. Invest in a short-term rental property

81. Offer car detailing services

82. Offer home cleaning services

83. Offer personal shopping services

84. Sell handmade jewellery

85. Offer pet walking services

86. Invest in a courier business

87. Provide mobile car wash services

88. Offer mobile oil change services

89. Provide snow removal services

90. Manage an Airbnb property

91. Offer lawn mowing services

92. Invest in a moving company

Removal Company Business

93. Offer document shredding services

94. Provide tech support services

95. Manage a blog for a business

96. Invest in a pressure washing business

97. Offer junk removal services

98. Invest in a security company

99. Offer event security services

100. Provide security guard services

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